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Luminous Crystal Night Light

Luminous Crystal Night Light

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The "Luminous Crystal Night Light" is a decorative lamp designed to create a mesmerizing and enchanting ambiance in any room, particularly at nighttime.

The night light features a crystal ball as its main design element. The crystal ball is often transparent or semi-transparent, allowing light to pass through it, creating a beautiful and magical effect.

The night light serves as both a functional light source for providing gentle illumination during the night and an artistic piece that adds a touch of wonder and magic to the surroundings. It can be used as a night lamp for children's bedrooms, as a decorative accent in living areas, or as a gift for special occasions. 

Product Specifications:

  • Material: Crystal + Solid Wood
  • Power: 1.5w
  • Light Color: 3000k
  • Product Size: Crystal Ball Diameter 6cm Lamp Holder 7*2cm
  • USB Cable Length: 95cm

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